Night and Fog to be Optioned for Film


Way back in March, Meh first brought you news of a new horror comic by Studio 407, titled "Night and Fog" (here). 

Well, Studio 407 has announced today that their sci-fi horror property Night and Fog has now been optioned for film by producer Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy.

Hmmm.. after reading the synopsis and previewing issue one, this could be interesting.  Will definately have to keep tabs on this.  To check out a preview of issue 1, click here.

Synopsis: Linked to a terrible secret from the past, an accident in a government lab turns a nearby village's inhabitants into creatures that seem impossible to kill. A small group of survivors must hold out for the night until a special rescue team can arrive and save them from these unstoppable monsters that have not only been made real, but are also made to perfection!

Thanks to for the tip.

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