Darren Bousman Responds To REPO MEN Rip Off


Its been bugging me and after getting lots of comments on twitter about the movie I wanted to throw it out there for you all to respond. Plus it helps that we have from Darren the director of REPO The Genetic Opera some comments as well. So lets do this!

Recently a trailer for REPO MEN hit the web and its about a couple of repo men who harvest organs for a large corporation when people do not pay up on their organs. Its a big budget mainstream production with Jude Law and Forest Whitaker starring.... and it sounds familiar.

REPO The Genetic Opera by Darren Bousman is a rock opera that stars no big names but features a world where REPO MEN are harvesting organs for a large and evil corporation.

To me the two films are two completely different animals since REPO MEN is a big budget film targetting mainstream audiences where as Darren Bousmans was a film targeting the niche horror genre but any way you cut it the story is far to similar and really is causing some questions... not just from fans but even from Darren.

This morning Darren Bousman the man behind REPO THE GENETIC OPERA directed me to the following which he posted on his myspace blog;

Okay, lets get this out - I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT REPO MEN! In fact, I am really let down. All it takes is one viewing of the trailer to see how similar our movies are. Come on, Organ Repossession? Cheesy commercials selling organs? An EVIL corporation? A bar code logo which is scanned by REPO MEN? A street drug - the corporation turning on their main REPO MAN - The mere name - REPO MEN?!? Yeah - all too familiar. 

But that is the exact reason I want you to not bash this movie. Think about what that says for our little opera? We have a bunch of angry bitter fans, ready to spam message board, and preach hate... THAT is not what our REPO is about. 

What I do want you to do is talk about REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA! Talk about what you love about it, talk about how it affected you. Talk about the friends you have made from it. Talk about experiences you have taken from being apart of the community! 

I have not seen REPO MEN! But I can almost promise you - it will not STILL be in theaters ONE YEAR after it's release. I can almost PROMISE you people will not make road trips thousands of miles away to catch a screening of the movie. I can almost PROMISE you fans won't form bonds, have parties, and even have 'themed REPO MEN weddings. I can almost guarantee you people will not dress up as characters from REPO MEN for Halloween. All things REPO! The Genetic Opera accomplished in a mere six months after it's release.

The world is big enough for both of us to exist... So let us EXIST TOGETHER - and instead of talking how pissed and angry we are - just continue to show people why REPO! THE GENETIC OEPRA is important to you... To your friends... Talk... no SCREAM about why REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is important - not why REPO MEN suck!

THE GENETIC OPERA has been around since the late 90's - starting as a small stage show - playing at rock clubs. And we will continue to be around until 2056!


Now, go have a Happy Holiday!


Checkout the two trailers below and decide for yourself. For me the films are clearly two different animals but seemingly inspired by the same source material. Comment, share this, talk about it.



REPO The Genetic Opera Trailer


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