Inalienable Brings Mankinds Doom Jan 26th

Anchor Bay Entertainment joins forces with science fiction legend Walter Koenig (“Star Trek”) to present an unforgettable thriller that explores science, the universe and moral justice. Inalienable, written by Koenig and premiering on DVD January 26, 2010, includes celestial foil “O-card” packaging that is truly out of this world!
In the film, scientist Eric Norris (Richard Hatch, “Battlestar Galatica”) discovers his body is host to a parasite from another world. With the shocking revelation that this microscopic intruder also carries his DNA, Norris confronts the possibility that he might “give birth” to a new son to replace the one lost in a tragic accident years earlier. But will this birth represent a new fusion of human and alien – or spell doom for the entire human race?
Inalienable boasts a “who’s who” cast of sci-fi favorites: Koenig, Hatch, Erick Avari (“Heroes,” The Mummy, Independence Day), Marina Sirtis (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”), Richard Herd (“V”), Gary Graham (“Alien Nation”), and Alan Ruck (“Spin City,” Twister, The Happening).
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