Submit Votes: Top Horror Films of 2009


So as you know we have all been posting our Top 10 Horror Films of 2009 and every person who shared their lists have lots of films in common and even more films that are quite different.

Behind the scenes I took every Top list our staff wrote ( and two guests ) and added up the scores to build an Ultimate Top Horror Films of 2009 list but we ran into a snag. As much as our films are quite diverse on our lists alot are the same and we ended up with some serious ties.. which is where you come into play.

We have a panel of 10 judges who voted on their top 10 films. They scored anywhere from 20 to 3 points depending on where the film was on their top list.

We want you all to now share your top 10 numbered 1 through 10, 1 being the best. The films must have had a wide release this year either in theaters or on DVD. Any films in your Top 5 will get 3 points, and those in the bottom five will get 1 point. This way your votes will help to break the ties that have occured in our Judges Top 10 list.

Please leave your Top 10 but also please share this around so we can get as many great votes as possible from horror gurus like you!

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