The Best Horror Posters of 2009


I am a big poster fanatic and love them with whats left of my rotting heart. I wanted to take a minute and share what I consider to be some of the best posters of 2009. The really fun part is that 1 poster on this list is not even a real poster but a poster made by an artist who is a fan of films and still managed to make one of the coolest posters I have seen all year. So here are my top 12 picks for Horror Posters of 2009.

The Uninvited: I like this poster because of its overall look and feel and the fact that the poster expressed the title of the film. This poster clearly exudes that somebody not invited is looking to pay a visit and from its colors you know its not Shrek coming to play with the kids.

The Unborn: This one made the list for a single male reason. It is one of the finest asses to ever be photoshopped onto a poster for no other reason then to get guys talking about it. Clearly since the poster was one of the most viewed on our site it worked. Shame that the movie sucks ass. ( seriously no play on words ).

Grace: The reason I really like the Grace poster is that even without a synopsis you know that this movie is about a baby that is very likely got 'life' issues and has a hankering for blood. Truly a creative poster that conveys the films message with no words required.

Afterlife: Much like the grace poster this afterlife poster leaves nothing to the imagination. This poster much like the poster for The Uninvited and Grace makes it clear the topic of the film. A great looking poster!

Antichrist: The reason this poster works so well for me is its a throw back to the early black and white italian film posters that I loved so much. I love the look and feel of the poster and the overall early filmmaking tone of it. Clearly the poster is as creative as the film is.

The Collector: While we are talking throw backs you cant help but mention the poster for The Collector which reminds me of the early american posters for Dawn of the Dead and Halloween. Simple message, great dated visuals. Love the nostalgia factor in this poster.

Edens Log: I love a good scifi poster and there is no denying from the poster for the scifi-terror Edens Log that the film is clearly a jaunt down scifi terror lane.  Its very scifi, very detailed and a fantastic scifi-horror poster.

Carriers: Carriers got no love in the theaters since the studio buried it and buying it on DVD in a store was almost impossible but I am pleased to say that not only is the poster fantastic for this dramatic thriller about humanity in the midst of adversity but so is the movie.

Let The Right one in Remake Poster: Here is the fun part. The poster below for the upcoming remake of Let The Right One in, titled Let Me In is not even real. This poster was made by a member of our community who is an aspiring poster designer and is by far one of the coolest posters of 2009 to make its way to me. So although not a 2009 movie I am sharing it regardless.

Perkins 14: For the same reasons I loved the Collector potser I love this poster for Perkins 14. I gotta give credit to AfterDark films some of their movies suck the big one but some of their posters are quite well done including the one for Perkins 14 right down to the fold lines. Love every aspect of it for the nostalgia factor.

Broken: Not to do back to back HorrorFest posters but the poster for BROKEN goes right alonside the poster for GRACE. Looking at the poster and thinking about it for even a minute you know what the film is about... but nothing is spoiled.

Alien Trespass: The movie was horrible but I love the retro scifi look of the poster which makes me want to watch the movie again even though I know just how bad it is. A throwback to early scifi-terrors this is a poster that all us scifi-horror junkies can love.

My Bloody Valentine 3D: Last on my list is the foreign poster for My Bloody Valentine 3D. Where on this side of the pound we got the lame man with a pick axe in the asian markets they got this sweet poster that says it all without the need for a killer on the cover.

So there you have it the posters that i consider to be some of the finest horror posters from 2009. Checkout the horror posters section to snoop around thousands of horror posters new and old!

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