Synopsis and Trailer For The Taken


Today Dan Walton, who has had a hand in bringing you Gutterballs and is also gearing up his feature film Bind, has tipped me off to a new film he is co-producing called The Taken. The film is directed by Richard Valentine and it looks a lot like SAW meets your traditional slasher film. Check out the synopsis and trailer below. Be sure to keep it here for more on this flick as I'm sure we will be hearing more soon.

Six strangers, taken against their will, wake up to find themselves prisoners of a masked psychopath. One by one the abductees are ripped from their restraints and hauled away, only to fall victim to their captor's demented experiments. But, just when you think it’s game over for his victims, they are offered a cruel chance of escape. Now free from their confines, the remaining captives must venture out into the endless labyrinth of corridors and find a way out before the madman can bring them under his scalpel.

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