Daybreakers Open at #4

James Cameron is indeed, The King of the World.  Unadjusted for inflation his Titanic and Avatar hold the number 1 and number 2 slots of the biggest worldwide grosses.  And this is a guy who started with Roger Corman and his first feature was Piranha II: The SpawningBoxOfficeMojo has the weekend estimates and the unstoppable titan that is Avatar continues with a fourth straight week at #1 raking in another $48.5million dollars. 

However for us, the Spierig Brother's Daybreakers opens at at number 4 with $15million dollars.  Now that's not that bad, the film only cost about $20million, so if it doesn't fall off completely like many genre films do, it should turn a little profit stateside.  I didn't have time this weekend to see it, but it currently holds a 73.4% rating on our website.  And reviews have been very positive in other places.  Certainly planning on catching it before the week it out.

Lets hope Daybreakers finds steady ground and does well.  It's success should help spur more high concept-original work reaching the theater screen.  Daybreakers be facing stiff competition in the genre field in the next two weeks.  The Book of Eli comes out this Friday and Legion on the 22nd.  To quote my mother after watching trailers for all three films on TV; "...after Avatar, Nine, Sherlock Holmes...January is a very bleak month..."  And that's just the way we like it, bleak, bloody and scary.  Daybreakers is currently in theaters nationwide. 
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