Prepare for MegaPiranha

Another movie, another mockbuster.  The Asylum has recently put a production page for one of their newer films dubbed MegaPiranha; which if you can tell by the title is meant to tie in with Alexandre Aja's Piranaha 3D.  No word if Asylum will make their own piranha film 3D (would make it their third) or if they'll keep it simply 2D.  Eric Forsberg (Night of the Dead, Sex-Pot) is handling directing and writing duties.

Story line as follows: A mutant strain of giant ferocious piranha escape from the Amazon and eat their way toward Florida.

Okay, doesn't follow the plot of Aja's film exactly so hopefully there'll be a bit of fun with it.  I'm hoping for some big ol' creature feature fun like there was in Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, if there is I'll be a happy man.  But somehow I think Asylum can't top the epicness of James Cameron's flying piranha opus Piranha II: The Spawning.  Asylum's MegaPiranha will be hitting store shelves come April 27, 2010. 
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