Madman Rerelease On DVD is Coming


For quite some time the slasher flick that pre-dates Friday the 13th, Madman, has been out of print on DVD. The only way to get your hands on a copy from Anchor Bay was to spend a pretty penny on Ebay. However today some good news was announced that will rectify that situation.

According to Shock Til You Drop Code Red DVD will be releasing a special edition of Madman on DVD. No word on what special features will be included except that the original commentary track with writer/director Joe Giannone, writer/producer Gary Sales and stars Tony Fish and Paul "Madman Marz" Ehlers will be carted over from the Anchor Bay release.

Code Red usually does a great job at loading up a disc but this usually means that we have to wait quite awhile before it gets a release. Hopefully we will see this one before the year is out. Keep it here for more.

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