Day of the Dead Contagium: Questions Answered

Gary who is the webadmin for the new film Day of the Dead Contagium was nice enough to pop by our forums and answer some questions you all had on the film. Big thanks to Gary for coming by and actually interacting with our users. Feel free to pop him a message on the boards, with that here is what he had to say.

Hey Everyone,
I am Gary and one of the WebAdmins for the official Site for Day of the Dead: Contagium. I can answer some of your Questions, others I will get the answers for you.

1. The Entire Film was Shot on 35mm film. Although it has that Video look, the most recent trailer which is on our site was put together off the digital composite's from the AVID editor.

2. Someone had mentioned theft of the Original Day music for a Trailer they had seen elsewhere.

A. Taurus Entertainment did not steal the music, Taurus was one of the original Financial Backers of Day of the Dead (1985). Taurus has owned the rights to the film since day 1. Rumor's have floated the net tht Richard Rubinstein owned Day of the Dead, unfortuneately that is incorrect. Mr. Rubinstein did approach Taurus right after Dawn 2004 was a huge opener and tried to secure the Day Rights.

B. Original Day Composer John Harrison was brought in in late 2003 to re-master the original Day Soundtrack so that another CD release could be done of the Music. Also Taurus has been in Talks with John about possibly Scoring Contagium.

C. The Trailer that featured the Day Music was not an actual Trailer that contained film footage. The Trailer in question was a Marketing Video so that Taurus could get Investors to invest in the film. These types of trailers are made as AFM promos (American Film Market Expo). They Are Placed on VHS or DVD and are used to Secure Financing for a project.

3. Not Really an answer but I figured I would throw it in anyway. George Romero had no involvement in the filming process of the film. He is However credited as (Creator) on IMDB.Com, because he did right and Direct the original Day film.

4. Some Have Said the film is a Quick Cash in due to the Success of the Dawn Remake. They Couldn't be More Wrong. Day of the Dead: Contagium Began it's Casting Call around the Same time as Dawn of the Dead(2004), Dawn began Filming 1st and While In Post Production, Day Contagium began Filming. Contagium Filming Wrapped approx 3 weeks before the Dawn remake hit North American theaters. Word of the Wrapped Filming only hit Fangoria because it was leaked.

5. Interesting tidbit for you: The Project was kept under wraps so that the Crew could work without media disturbance. In fact it was so secretive that Actors coming in to Audition didn't even know the Name of the Film until they were hired on, only then they would be told the Name. Also Everyday the Script was kept secured or Printed on Red Paper to keep anyone from copying it and Distributing it.

Well thats about it, I would to thank Michael, the Site owner here at for his interest in the project and I hope Him and I can continue to work together on this project.

Come on by the Official site anytime you want, we have a forum as well and in the forum you can ask the cast and Crew Questions about the film.



Editors Note: You can get involved in this diccussion as well as ask your own questions and get answers right from the horses mouth by going to the topic which can be found here

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