The Relic Comes to Bluray


The Relic is coming to Bluray on April 6th from Lionsgate and this fanboy is tickled pink. The film actually has a 50% approval rating in our database based off of 3 reviews but I for one thought it was a great evolutionary monster movie about a monster that comes to the Chicago Museum and starts.. eating people.

I am not sure I would buy it on Bluray but since I only have it on VHS it is quite tempting. As always if you have seen the film submit your review below. Love it or hate it... give us the low down.

The Relic The Relic
Penelope Ann Miller stars as Dr. Margo Green, an evolutionary biologist at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History who receives a shipment of artifacts from a colleague performing fieldwork in Brazil. Among the contents are leav...
50% Approval
(Based on 3 Reviews, Write one )

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