Double Dose of Hack/Slash This April

Fans of the Devil's Due titles Mercy Sparx & Hack/Slash will be very pleased with the new offering for April.  Hack/Slash Mercy Sparx: A Slice of Hell features the fearless heroines going toe to toe (sorry, Cassie - see Hack/Slash #1) in a battle that can only be described by Hank & Vlad as "Whoa..." 

Angels and Demons, Slashers and Killers - discerning them can all get so confusing. What happens when Mercy and Hank need the relic of a slasher on Cassie and Vlad's hit list? Even worse, when the slasher wants it back? It's a fun violent romp that brings DDP's sexiest seductresses together for the first time.

One Shot, MR - Mature Readers, 48 pgs, FC, $5.99

Author: Josh Blaylock, Artist: Joe Song, Cover Artists: A - Tim Seeley   Cover B: Matt Merhoff

Cas and Vlad are in a mad rush to Florida to stop the murderer targeting the "loose ends" in Cassie's life. That can only mean sexy stripper Georgia Peaches is in danger of being severely serially killed! But can Cas convince her pissed-off ex-girlfriend to accept her help?

Monthly Series, MR - Mature Readers, 32 pgs, FC, $3.50

Author: Tim Seeley, Artist: Daniel Leister, Cover Artists: A -  Tim Seeley & Mark Englert  B - Chrissie Zullo

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