Last Call Win Gun Town on DVD


This if your last call to enter and win GUN TOWN on DVD! One thing that I have always loved promoting as has Goon who is the longest contributing writer to this site is promoting INDIE hororr films. Its always a pleasure to shine the spotlight on an indie horror film and even more so when its a filmmaker who is a part of our community like Lee is. Lee Vervoort the director of Gun Town goes as 'aceofspades70' on our boards.

His new film Gun Town is hitting the horror genre with a decidely western angle. When 5 high school graduates take a road trip to nowhere, it's draw or die as they stumble upon what was once an abandoned western style tourist attraction. The death toll rises as the teens are no match for the Bailey family.

We are giving away a couple of free copies of the movie and to enter is quite simple. Shoot us an email to with your name/mailing address and age and we will pick a couple of winners and send em to Lee who will send you a FREE copy.

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