Abducted Girl An American Sex Slave Trailer


Below you can checkout the trailer for the indie project Abducted Girl An American Sex Slave. Director Shane Ryan was attacked by the media a few weeks ago when he announced production, and was accused of making a Jaycee Dugard porn film. “I think an 8 year can clearly see it’s not a porn movie”, says Ryan, “nor are we making Jaycee Dugard’s actual story and I’m very sorry she heard about it that way” (Lindsay Lohan announced just days later that she would like to play Jaycee in a film).

In March of 2009 (months before Jaycee’s discovery) Ryan said that he would be making a sex trafficking film and admitted after hearing about Jaycee and her 18 years of living in captivity that he was merely inspired, like any story teller, filmmaker or media, would be. He wanted to tell a similar situation. Ryan often tackles sexual subject matters in his films, whether it’s rape, incest or pedophilia because “it scares the hell of out me and I don’t understand why it happens. Sex slavery being the creepiest thing yet.”

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