Fangoria Lives! Issue #291 Preview


Community member 'tototo' gives us the scoop on the latest issue of Fangoria Issue #291. Below is the cover art and details on the issue which was posted by Fangoria earlier today.


  • FAST TRAIN TO “CRAZIES” TOWN There’s more insanity in store as we continue our exclusive location coverage.
  • “FROZEN” STIFFS Adam (“Hatchet”) Green relocates from the Louisiana swamps to a wintry mountainside for his new bone-chiller.
  • METHODS TO MADNESS Up-and-coming actor Noah Segan adopts multiple mental states in a string of new fright films, starting with “Cabin Fever 2.”
  • “DEMONS” DO-OVER The cast names are bigger in the “Night of the Demons” remake, and its makers hope the frights—and laughs—are too.
  • MABERRY SCARE YOU? Writing of zombies, wolfmen and more, Jonathan Maberry is making quite the literary splash.
  • STALKING THE “SLITHIS” It lurked in the waterways of LA but terrorized drive-ins nationwide in the late 1970s.
  • THE “WOLFMAN” PACK Benicio Del Toro et al. talk up their roles in the megabudget monster movie.
  • MAKEUP FX LAB: “THE WOLFMAN” For the first time, a step-by-step look at how Rick Baker makes a monster! STRONG
  • “SANGRE” Paul Naschy has passed on, but he still has one crazy film yet to assault his U.S. fans. Plus: the Spanish star remembered.


  • ELEGY American Fear Market 2009: Part II MONSTER INVASION Who’s hungrier—the “Survival of the Dead” ghouls or the 3-D “Piranha”?; get ready for the new Freddy; the 2010 Chainsaw Awards ballot!
  • DR. CYCLOPS’ DUNGEON OF DISCS “Kingdom of the Spiders” crawls to the top; “House of the Devil” worth a long visit; “Bad Biology” bonuses have great chemistry
  • HORRORCADE Thanks for the “Memories” from new “Silent Hill”; another trip into the “Borderlands”
  • NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Huston’s latest will leave you “Sleepless”; Straub makes the “Dark Matter”
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