Indie Horror - Psycho Ex-Girlfriend


Right off the bat, I'll admit, I had fun watching the promotional clip from writer/director Matt Acosta's upcoming indie horror film - Psycho Ex-Girlfriend... even with the 28 Days Later music that was playing around the 2:24 min mark.  

From the looks of things, the film is currently in rewrites, but hopfully Matt will finish it up soon enough and get to shooting - cause the deadman want's to see more.

So until we get more.. enjoy the promo clip.  VIVA LA INDIE!!!!

Synopsis: Chase Roberts is young, fun and has just dumped Madison Black, his girlfriend that he has been dating for the last 2 weeks. Madison Black is a 17-year-old undead Witch and thanks to Chase, Madison is no longer a virgin. Pissed off and filled with hate, Madison wants revenge.

Now its Friday, schools out and a newly single Chase and his friends decide to celebrate in the big city; but Madison Black has other plans for them.

via: Vimeo

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