Death Lives in The Perfect House


I'm going to keep this short and let what I pulled from the official site tell the story, but "The Perfect House" is tentatively going to begin production on May 4th and is set to premier in the fall of 2010... and oh yeah.. the film has Felissa Rose in it.

The Perfect House comes from the short story “Dinner Guest” written by Kris Hulbert. 
The sheer brutality of the story appealed to Randy Kent who, like Kris desperately
wanted to make “Dinner Guest” into a feature film.  The task proved more daunting
then first assumed, that was until they realized the house itself had more stories
to tell.  Shortly after Kris added more stories to the project and the true vision
of the story had finally come into focus.

"THE PERFECT HOUSE" -  a unique horror story that crossed the lines of taste and ethics long before the script hit a piece of paper. The plot is based around a young couple which has seemingly found their dream home. Unbeknownst to them, their perfect house has an ugly past. The horrors and secrets of this place are revealed through three original tales of terror. 

Synopsis - Newlyweds, Mike and Marisol, are given the tour of their potential dream home by a perky real estate Agent.  They soon find out that their perfect house might just have a past. The ugly horrors of this house are revealed through three original tales of terror:

“THE STORM” - An approaching thunderstorm forces a family of four to shelter down in the basement for a night.  Soon we discover that the lightning isn’t the only thing to be afraid of once dark secrets and a shovel rear their ugly heads, the only thing between them is the darkness and their lies. Homicide, suspense and shocking twists are revealed as THE STORM approaches.

“CHIC-KEN” - Could there be such thing as the perfect serial killer?  At work for years without drawing any notice, this sociopath has only one flaw, he craves an audience. Taking Mother issues to a new level, this maniac may have finally pushed his captive audience too far.  Forced to watch his unspeakable horrors for who knows how long, there is no telling how far she will go to end this nightmare.

“DINNER GUEST” - Something has evidently gone wrong at the Stranger-next-door’s house. This is made very clear by the torn apart and disheveled dining room and also the five people bound, gagged and whimpering in the basement. In control is the Stranger, and he will stop at nothing as he goes about torturing each family member in an attempt to get what he wants from them. Shocking, brutal and downright
tasteless, this torture tale will make you think twice the next time you accept an invitation to be a DINNER GUEST.   

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