Wolf-Man Redux Extended DVD

The Wolf Man remake has had its fair share of issues from director flipping to constantly shifting release dates.  Well it's long journey seems to be finally at an end as it starts heading theaters this Friday.  While it may seem early, DVD word is already popping up, lets just hope it doesn't take as long to reach DVD as it did theaters. 

STYD sat down with director Joe Johnston and learned that an extended cut of the film is being edited for the DVD.  Now with the MPAA being as finicky as it is, a director can theoretically insert only a few frames before the MPAA considers it a new cut of the film and thus unrated.  And we've seen this kind of thing happen numerous time where changes are so subtle its not noticed.  But Wolf Man's extended cut runs a hefty 17 minutes longer than the theatrical release.  Most of the material that was cut out was apparently from the first act in order to get to the first transformation faster.  The Wolf Man hits theaters this Friday with an R rating.
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