New Footage for Blind Death, Chilean Horror Film


This wont be the first time we told you about Blind Death but today comes new footage for the Chilean Horror film as they start to shop the movie and attempt to pick up International Distribution for the film.  The movie was filmed by young Film students and tell us the story of a group of scientists and militars which travel to a quarantine zone looking for the cure of a dangerous to the sickness which convert people to an animal and wild state. But the trip to the zone will be full of setbacks which will put in danger the mission, for example, a group of bandits and people infected with the virus.

Lucio Rojas, one of the film’s director speak: “The movie is a mix of genres crossing war western, zombies, post apocalypse and adventures movies. We want entertain to the people with this product and I hope they like it. The movie starts its journey in March, when we send it to fantastic film festivals around the World. On the second semester we hope the movie can be distributed in dvd everywhere and we can still working on independent genre Films and all the freedom of this situation”.

Cristian Toledo, the other director, adds: “Beyond this movie was filmed with a low Budget and cameras easy to get, I want to stand out the movie itself tell us a great story which will be very attractive for most people. It has a mix of genres and it has some special between other zombie action movies. I hope people appreciate it and we will see you in the future, maybe with a prequel or second part if we have the Budget, because the story deserves it”.

“Blind dead” includes action, violence, bloody and special effects’ scenes, but this is not the principal point of directors. Cristian Toledo explains: “This is not a movie which will conquer audience by its special effects. When we write the screenplay we always had in mind use effects we can manage very well and it would serve like a support to the movie, helping the story’s development, not sustaining it.  The attractive is more than the mix of genres and tendencies are more than visual spectacle”.

Rojas adds: “The idea is accomplish certain transverse in segments we reach. We know that the movie, because the content, will not be for every spectator, but that is not something which worry us. As our first movie, is a pleasure for few people and we want to take as advantages as possible”.

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