Tony Todd Has Thirst


What happens when a simple group of Hunter-Gatherers decide to shift gears, take a bite of the forbidden fruit, and start farming? And what if these simple peoples aren’t your typical innocent aboriginals? That’s the question Tony Todd will face in his newest role in “Thirst: The Last Sin”.

Set hundreds of years in the future where only Vampires roam the earth. They built an empire, and squandered their only resource; man. Now, most of these immortal beings live out eternity in an abject state of unquenchable thirst, while a few cling to some pathetic remains. This is the allegorical story of the rise and fall of an empire, and lessons not learned. Tony’s character will span the ages, and bring a large presence to the role. Tony is 6’ 5”! According, however, to Producer Bob Myers, “This isn’t your typical ‘Big Guy’ role. We’re going to have to see Tony’s full range for this part, and I’m sure he will deliver.”

Tony brings a wealth of experience to the Production. He broke into the industry back in 1986. He id a few smaller roles, before he landed the iconic title role in “The Candyman”, Daniel Robitaille. This will be a CGI intensive Sci Fi Thriller. Filming will begin in the UK this Fall. The budget will come in just under $7.5M US.


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