Parasomnia Finally Hits Stateside DVD

William Malone is probably best known for directing The House on Haunted Hill and FearDotCom, the latter being one of the biggest duds of the genre.  However his Masters of Horror episode The Fair Haired Child was arguably one of the best in both series and restored faith in him for many horror fans.  His independently financed film Parasomnia has been floating around the festival circuit for the past year (and is out on DVD in the UK) and now is finally coming to DVD in the United States.

Fangoria learned the disc will drop on July 13, 2010 from E1 Entertainment; who also handled the film's UK release.  Forum member Horrorgal let us know that the UK disc has a nice behind the scenes featurette, so hopefully that'll get ported to the US release.  Keep an eye out here for more news as they come out.
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