Skynet Symphonic: If Skynet Made Music it would be....


Some people have to much talent and to much time. Below is a 'Skynet Symphonic' where a very talented individual has literally made music from the sounds from Termiantor. From youtube we get the following video and explanation;

Comprising nothing but small sounds recorded from the James Cameron masterpiece 'Terminator 2: Judgement Day', 'Skynet Symphonic' is my tribute to one of the greatest action features of all time!

Each section is composed entirely of sounds from a major scene in the film. For example, the Terminator pounding on the fire escape door is used as a kick drum. Bones breaking play the role of a snare. Electrical disturbance acts as a crash cymbal.

Turn up your cones and enjoy!  Kudos to CrystalBaud for the info

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