Jaws Remake In 3D Coming?


Today a rather huge rumour has been circulating about a possible remake of Steven Spielbergs classic Jaws could be getting a remake in 3D. This bit of news was originally reported over at Cinemablend from a "new source" that they just received from within Universal.

So far I don't doubt that they are working on one.. but according to this rumour at one point Tracy Morgan was being considered for the role of Matt Hooper who was previously played by Richard Dreyfus. Now that sounds like a really bad idea. But I'm not completely opposed to a new "Jaws" like movie in 3D.

We havn't gotten a solid shark film in quite some time and with Real D 3D it would be nice to see what they could do. But for now this is simply a rumor that quite frankly I'm not sure I buy into. Lets hope if it does go through that Tracy Morgan is not involved.

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