Piranha II: The Spawning To DVD

Before he went on to make some of the most groundbreaking and box office winning films of all time, James Cameron's film-making career began with his work like many filmmakers of today; with B Movie King Roger Corman.  Cameron started his work as a special effects man on Battle Beyond The Stars.  However, what has truly cemented him in my heart and mind is his first feature motion picture: Piranha II: The Spawning.  The in-name-only sequel to Joe Dante's Jaws rip-off with flying piranhas. 

In his own words "I believe 'The Spawning' was the finest flying piranha movie ever made."  Which of course should be taken as a joke, for one its the only flying piranha movie ever made.  It's truly a glorious film to behold and it's one of those "holy crud this is how they started?" kind of films where it's almost baffling to see the first film of an award winning director.

Well, with Alexandre Aja's 3D remake of the original, Sony was set to release a DVD of Spawning to coincide with the remake's original April date.  While the remake shifted to August, it looks like the DVD will stay on course.  Only special feature is sadly a trailer, I would really wish to see a little retrospective interview with Cameron about making the film, but somehow I doubt it.  While they can't capitalize on the remake, Sony should put on the DVD cover: From James Cameron Director of Titanic & Avatar.  That'd sell some discs.  Piranha II: The Spawning hits dvd on April 30.
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