5 Great Indie Horror Films To Die for


Are you sick and tired of watching crappy mainstream Hollywood slasher flicks such as the Prom Night “remake”? I know I am, so to feed my slasher needs I try to track down and watch as many indie slashers as I can. In the process I have to sit through a lot of crap, but it eventually pays off when I find one that’s really good. So today I’m going to save you some trouble, if you’re trying to find a good low budget indie slasher look no further. I’m going to list five independent slasher movies that I feel are worth watching. If you like slashers as much as I do and you haven’t seen a movie on the list, you really need to check it out. I know a lot of you have already seen slashers like Midnight Movie, Hatchet, Laid to Rest and Behind the Mask, so I’m going to list some movies that are a little bit more obscure.

# 5. Bad Reputation Plot : A pretty but quiet student, who is treated as an outcast at her suburban high school, seeks revenge on her classmates after being sexually assaulted at a house party and branded with a "Bad Reputation".

It seems like very few horror fans have seen this rape/revenge slasher and that’s a shame. Bad Reputation is a very strong and powerful film. The plot might sound very un-original but it’s much different than most other rape horror movies. It’s got great style, it’s cleverly written and it has a good message. Bad Reputation doesn’t have a whole lot of gore and in one scene it has some bad CGI but what lacks in gore it makes up for with great acting. The rape scene isn’t as near as graphic as some, but due to some fantastic acting it manages to be very disturbing. If you haven’t seen Bad Reputation I highly recommend you check it out.

Bad Reputation
A pretty but quiet student, who is treated as an outcast at her suburban high school, seeks revenge on her classmates after being sexually assauled at a house party and branded with a "Bad Reputation".
90% Approval
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#4. Silent Scream(1980) Plot: Young co-ed Scotty(Rebecca Balding The Boogens) is unable to find housing on the campus.She finds a vacancy at the Engels' mansion, now a boarding house for college students.Mrs. Engels (Yvonne De Carlo, TV's The Munsters) and her son seem nice enough, but it becomes clear to Scotty that something is not right at her new residence.When her fellow borders begin dying, two detectives (Cameron Mitchell Toolbox Murders and comedian Avery Schreiber, in a serious role) must solve the mystery of the Engels' boarding house before the body count rises.

When Silent Scream was released in the early 1980’s it was #1 at the box office and managed to rake in a good bit of money. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Although Silent Scream isn’t as near as violent or gory as some other 80’s slashers, it’s still a very solid well made horror movie. It’s got a great beach setting, good solid plot and it has a great atmosphere. Luckily Silent Scream just got a DVD release and it’s very nice transfer. If you haven’t seen it yet now is a good time to do so.

Silent Scream Silent Scream
Set in the deep freeze of a northern Michigan winter, when a group of college students volunteer to assist their psychology professor with his research, their weekend retreat turns into a nightmare. Nicole is an all-A student, p...
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#3. Malevolence Plot: It's ten years after the kidnapping of Martin Bristol. Taken from a backyard swing at his home at the age of six, he is forced to witness the unspeakable crimes of a deranged madman. For years, Martin's whereabouts have remained a mystery... until now. When a bank robbery goes wrong, desperate felons Julian (Brandon Johnson), Marylin (Heather Magee), and Kurt (Richard Glover), scatter to meet up later at an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. Grabbing hostages Samantha (Samantha Dark) and her young daughter Courtney (Courtney Bertolone) along the way, the group has no idea that the house they've chosen for their seclusion is about to become a hunting ground - with them as the prey...

I had never heard of this slasher unitl RIP recommended it to me on the boards. After hearing him say several times how good it was I decided to buy a copy and I’m glad I did. Malevolence is a perfect example of a good independent horror movie. It’s kind of slow, doesn’t have much blood or gore and it has a low body count. I know at this point a lot of you are saying “Than why should I watch it?” Well, because it has the one of the best atmosphere’s I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere in Malevolence gives the atmosphere in Halloween a run for it’s money. It’s very dark and dreadful. Most of this due to some really good ominous camera angles and a creepy desolate house sitting in the middle of nowhere. I do feel that Malevolence isn’t a horror movie for everyone but if you like movies such as the original Halloween and The Town that Dreaded Sundown, I recommend you check it out. Just don’t expect it to be a violent gore fest.

So far the slashers I’ve listed are lacking in the gore area, so the next two on my list are going to be full of awesome gore. Gorehounds rejoice!

Malevolence Malevolence
Created as the middle section of a three-part trilogy, Malevolence takes place ten years after the unspeakable crimes of a deranged madman. When a bungled bank robbery intersects with inhabitants of the Pennsylvania farm country, ...
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2. Gutterballs Plot: A brutally sadistic rape leads to a series of bizarre gory murders during a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players of two teams meet blood-drenched gruesome deaths at the hand of a black bowling-gloved masked killer. This alley will run red with blood by sunrise.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, I’m sure you have at least heard about it. It’s definitely not for everyone. It’s got a disturbing gang rape scene, very strong explicit language and tons of brutal awesome violence. If you’re easily offended you need to avoid Gutterballs. Luckily, I’m not easily offended so I love it. This is pretty much every slasher fans dream. The characters and trashy and interesting and the kills are all gory and creative. Including a death by 69 scene. If you haven’t seen Gutterballs it’s about time you go and find a copy.

Gutterballs Gutterballs
A brutally sadistic rape leads to a series of bizarre gory murders during a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players of two teams meet blood-drenched gruesome deaths at the hand of a black bowling...
70% Approval
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#1. Home Sick Plot: Bill Moseley (Rob Zombie s HALLOWEEN, THE DEVIL S REJECTS) stars as a smiling maniac named Mr. Suitcase . With a briefcase full of razorblades, he crashes a homecoming get-together for Claire (Lindley Evans) and forces the partygoers to identify people they hate. Soon, a black-hooded supernatural killer is loose killing each person identified by the teens and the terrified friends realize they may also be viciously murdered because Tim (Matt Lero) awkwardly joked that he hated everyone at the party, too! As the corpses pile up and the body parts fly, the kids enlist the help of a crazed chili loving militia man who can give them the weapons they need to stay alive!

Home Sick is simply amazing. Underground independent horror at it’s finest. Home Sick is a bizarre slasher movie full of amazing gore. The plot is very strange but it’s also original. The characters are all crazy as hell in their own way and the killer is one of the most badass horror villains ever. The gore is way over the top and some of the best you’ll see in a independent horror movie. The way it’s shot adds to it’s weirdness and helps give it a great atmosphere. If you want to read a great review of Home Sick you should check out Goon’s review. He sums it up nicely. If you haven’t seen Home Sick you need to sit back, open up a can of “Alabama Chili”(watch the movie and you’ll know what I’m talking about) and give it a watch.

Home Sick Home Sick
A maniac with a suitcase full of razorblades unleashes a super human killer upon a group of kids in a small Alabama town. They must take up arms with an insane Chili enthusiast if they want to survive.
90% Approval
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So there you have it. 5ive indie slashers to die for. What do you think? If you’ve seen any of the films I’ve listed please tell me what you thought about them. I would love to hear your opinion. Also if you have any recommendations feel free to tell me about them. I know there’s tons of good independent slashers that I haven’t seen yet.

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