Eli Roths Last Exorcism Picked up by Lionsgate


From community member 'Grinded' comes word that Eli Roth's newest film has picked up distribution. Lionsgate will distribute his newest film The last Exorcism. I will admit I really enjoyed HOSTEL but felt it was still WAY over hyped by the studio and mainstream press. It was not the scariest and most gruesome thing ever put to film. Not even close.

That said I think Eli Roth has alot of potential if we could just stop feeding his ego on how awesome he is. Filmmakers do their best work when they are challenged by fans to do so and Eli Roth is one filmmaker who needs a challenge to do something new and exciting.. not just mutilate people on the big screen.

The new film which is produced by Eli Roth and marc Abraham was directed by Daniel Stamm and tells the story of a documentary crew who follows a priest on his last days doing exorcism to reveal his fraud. Unfortunately the priest soon discovers that he will finally face the devil in a real exorcism and have his faith tested. Sounds like it could be pretty awesome. No word on a release date. 

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