Shannon Lark Writing Her Own Comic: Fiesta


Recently I have found myself diving head first back into comics and it was just my luck that I discovered that Shannon Lark will not only be writing her own.. but she will also be featured in it as well. Contributing the art will be Brian Allen the official artist for Shannon Lark's Chainsaw Mafia website.

The plotline for Fiesta is being kept mostly underwraps it seems.. at least the horrorific elements anyway. Check out what has been released so far by the publisher Comic Book Divas below:

Follows the story of a young woman named Shannon; a hard working waitress at a local drive-in; she is hard working woman that always makes it a point to have a smile on her face; despite a bad work enviroment and a not so loving relationship with her mother.

One night Shannon finds the love of her life in all places at work, has she finally found love?


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