AMC's Walking Dead Casting Frank Grimes And Its.....


Interesting news today. We all know that the new Walking Dead Series for AMC will be shooting in May but today from ShootForTheHead comes word that they have approached a Cylon killer to play the role of Frank Grimes. Apparently Battlestar Gallactica star Jamie Bamber who plays Apollo has been approached for the role.

Awhile ago Kirkman spoke with Newsarama about walking dead saying,

"I think AMC is the perfect network for ‘Walking Dead.’ There are some limitations. We just had a story meeting that everybody was on. The only restriction they gave Frank – who’s working on the pilot right now – is that he can’t use the F word. They told him, ‘Anything else you want to do, go ahead and do it.’

If you’ve seen their other shows, they don’t really pull a lot of punches. They shoot things in a way and they show things in a way and you see it so much... I don’t know how they get it on the air, to be honest. I’ve seen them liquify bodies on “Breaking Bad” and sever heads on that show. They just liquified a foot on “Mad Men” and sprayed blood all over everybody. So I have high hopes for the show’s gore content.

But I think zombie fiction tends to suffer for people relying on gore and shock value. So I think having a limited restriction will actually help the show because it will prevent people from just riding the coattails of showing horrific stuff and trying to get by on that

Kirkman also revealed to the site that he is very involved with the show serving as both a consultant and executive producer. He also said he had a talk with director Frank Darabont about the story and maintains that it will stay true to the comics but also have some wiggle room to go where the comics did not. He has a lot of faith in Darabont and his ability to tell a good story. 

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