The Crazies Comic Art / Details

As the “outbreak” of Overture Films’ release of The Crazies draws closer, the studio is gearing up for an exciting launch of a comic book series inspired by the film along with various other multimedia content including a motion comic book series, Facebook “tower defense” game and more.  The film is produced and distributed by Overture Films and co-financed by Participant Media.

The Top Cow printed comic book is broken into four chapters:  Hopman Bog, Dwyer Creek, Black Pond and Ogden Marsh.  The comic series traces an outbreak that takes over the minds and bodies of the citizens in Ogden Marsh, Iowa and each chapter focuses on a different aspect of this epidemic.

The first two issues will be available in comic book stores nationwide on February 17, 2010, with the next two available February 24, 2010.  Jeff Katz of American Original produced the comic book on behalf of Overture Films and Participant Media. 

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