10 Signs Your a Horror Movie Junkie


Are you addicted to horror ? Do you need your fix of terror and gore ? Here's a list of signs that you may be Horror Movie junkie .

  1. You've seen every movie in the Horror section of your local video store.
  2. Your Horror DVD collection is worth the price of a week's vacation on a tropical beach.
  3. You have been to a Horror convention or would really like the chance to.
  4. When chatting with a group of your co-workers/friends/classmates you tell them details about that really scary/gory horror movie you just watched and they look at you as though you just grew a third eye and forked tongue.
  5. It really irritates you when someone says things like " oh that Friday the 13th movie was so scary with that Micheal Myers killing all those kids !"
  6. When you walk in the house announcing that you just bought a great movie someone in the room groans, " Not another zombie/vampire/werewolf/slasher movie ?!?" 
  7. In the event of a zombie outbreak, vampire crisis , or demon infestation you're positive you would know exactly what to do to kill them or at the very least survive
  8. You've spent more than $40 on a Horror DVD.
  9. You thankful for online shopping. Because the employees at the video store were beginning to give strange looks when you ask if they are planning on stocking, Cannibal Holocaust, Feast, or The Girl Next
  10. You are an active member of a Horror Forum  :)

If you answered yes to most of these questions , then you must face the fact that your addicted to Horror. ( remember, denial is not just a river in Egypt )
Sorry, there is no cure. The only thing you can do is satisfy your Horror cravings with scary movies So take comfort... At least You have a support group (fellow horror addicts) at the forums of HM   :)

The above was a guest editorial written by one of our members. Please leave feedback and as always if you have a hankering to be published feel free to submit your own editorial to us by email to scoops@horror-movies.ca

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