Clairification On The Thing Prequel


It seems that there has been some confusion as to what exactly this new The Thing film would be. It has been pretty consistently refered to as a prequel by everyone involved yet some of what they have said has been at times pretty confusing. So today yet another person involved with the film has come forward with a more straightforward explanation.

Star of the film Joel Edgerton told Whats Playing, "Anyone who is a big fan of the John Carpenter version of The Thing knows that it starts on the American base station but the investigation of where the Thing has come from leads us to know something very bad has happened at the Norwegian base station and the prequel centres itself around there and what happened pre-Kurt Russell”.

So that should help clear the air if there was any doubts as to what exactly was going on with the film. In the film, due to film in Vancouver, Edgerton plays Sam Carter a helicopter pilot who teams with a graduate student named Kate Lloyd (Winstead) to pursue an alien life form.

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