2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Poster

I've never seen the Herschell Gordon Lewis' original that inspired the 2005 redux 2001 Maniacs and I admit I didn't think I'd enjoy the film.  However a bit to my surprise I ended up enjoying the wonderful mix of black humor and gore, a great little splat-stick movie.  While there has been no trailer or many stills of the upcoming sequel Field of Screams STYD has gotten a look at Anchor Bay's UK poster for the film.

Honestly, very much underwhelmed.  It looks like someone took a bunch of publicity stills, cut around the actors and popped it all into Photoshop in about an hour or so.  Yes there's blood, a hot chick, people eating body parts and Bill Mosley (taking over for Robert Englund); but its not very visually interesting.  I hope the artwork is changed before it hits DVD stateside.
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