Bayer Says No to Nightmare On Elm Street Sequel


We all know that Platinum Dunes are probably already planning several sequels for the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street. According to SlashFilm however if Samuel Bayer has anything to say about it he will not be involved. Here is what he told the site about his involvement:

"I really hope the film does well. I will not be involved in a sequel…I don’t want to have my next movie be a horror movie. I’m already looking at stuff and I think I’m probably going to do a– it might be an action movie, or there’s a comic book they want to make into a film I’m very attracted to. But I think I’m going to move on and let someone else handle the next one, and it’ll be great."

He also mentioned that he is going to be involved in making a graphic novel adaptation to the ANOES remake. But in terms of him coming back for a sequel.. I think we all heard Rob Zombie come out and say he would never do a remake.. Then he did one.. Said he would never do a sequel.. Then he did one. So we'll have to see how this plays out.

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