Army of Darkness new Comic !

A brand-new Army of Darkness #1 by James Kuhoric and Nick Bradshaw ("AOD: Ashes to Ashes"). Featuring 5 covers by the hottest and best artists working in comics today!

This brand-new #1 features 5 incredible covers: Eric (Witchblade/Wolverine) Ebas Jae (Thing/Hulk) Lee Richard I(Ultimate X-Men) Isanove Paolo (Spectacular Spider-Man) Rivera and Nick (Army of Darkness) Bradshaw.

Grab the keys to the Oldsmobile and break out the boomstick 'cause Ash is back! The wisecracking everyman with a chin of steel comes face to face with something worse than Deadite possession. Unemployment.

Recently returned from his time traveling adventure to Egypt Ash gets a taste of department store bureaucracy when he is docked for the damages caused to the store and discovers the evil spirit from the woods now inhabits the aisles of S-Mart.

As a full-blown Deadite invasion manifests Ash must fight his way through possessed shoppers and find the Necronomicon before the Army of Darkness is reborn in downtown Detroit.

Writer: James Kuhoric; Artist: Nick Bradshaw; Finishes/Colorist: Etienne St-Laurent

Watch the covers on the source Link below.

Source: Dynamite Entertainment

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