Top 5 Outbreak Horror Films


I love films that revolve around apocalyptic outbreaks almost as much as I love zombie films. I think the reason I love them so much is primarily because so many filmmakers have such a great knack for scaring the shit out of the world population with doomsday infections that could very well come true. So without further ado here are my Top Outbreak Horror Films.

#5: - The Crazies / The Crazies Remake: Really you can put either film in this spot. Romeros original is a classic but since I never saw it I am putting the recent remake in my #5 spot. For me Breck Eisners remake starring Timothy Olyphant was a creepy tale of apocalyptic doom at the hands of a bumbling government. It had a great mix of terror, creep factor and social messages which makes it clock in at #5 on my list. Admittedly this remake had some flaws but overall it was a truly fun and creepy look at the end of small town America at the hands of a not so much villainous as extremely careless military machine.

#4 - Doomsday: Really this movie made my list entirely because Rhona Mitra spends the entire film in a skimpy spandex outfit kicking more ass then Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil. Made me wish Rhona Mitra was mine so she could slap me around while wearing the same outfit.  In all seriousness Neil Marhsall puts his stamp of approval on the infection genre horror films with an outbreak that turns the population into deranged and gooey mutants and to make it even better those who survive turn into cannibalistic terrors.

There is no good side to Neil Marshalls Doomsday for the victims or the survivors but for film goers it packs tons of action, lots of carnage and a whole lot of apocalyptic ass kicking! Its quite rare to have a film focus on a strong female lead AND a strong male lead. Very good film from every angle!

#3 - 28 days later: 28 Days Later which was directed by Danny Boyles and written by Alex Garland has spawned many a heated debate on our boards. Zombie movie or not? It all really depends on whether you consider zombies re-animated undead or the voodoo version where its the living under control of another or in this case a vicious infection.

Unlike in other films this unholy plague is unleashed by some tree hugging eco-terrorists who bring all of England to its knees. 28 Days Later isn’t just a creepy movie but for me it was scary as shit! Running, screaming, ripping and tearing 28 Days Later leaves you freaked out and is easily one of the greatest infection movies ever made ( or best zombie movies depending on what camp you sit in )

#2 - The Stand: I love Stephen Kings books and read a pile of them including The Stand when I was growing up. Unfortunately almost every Stephen King movie I saw growing up was made for TV and sucked monkey balls. The Stand is the exception to that rule. The Stand starring Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald and Rob Lowe is a fantastic tale of germ warfare gone wrong with a nice mix of good and evil.

The lone survivors break into the two biblical camps of ‘Gods camp’ and ‘the evil camp’ and slowly but surely the world goes even more to hell in a hand bag. The epic series offers lots of great story telling, a unique blend of characters and an epic showdown pitting good against evil. I own this series on VHS and have watched it at least a dozen times. Easily the best Stephen King movie made before The Mist came along.

#1  -12 monkeys: The top of my list was  not easy to pick and I am pretty sure this entire list will change by the time I wake up and re-read it tomorrow but I think #1 deservingly belongs to 12 Monkeys ( today at least ). 12 Monkeys is a great story of apocalyptic doom, time travel and a mental patient who brings the world to its knees.

Directed by Terry Gilliam and starring Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt this movie is easily one of Terry Gilliams best films and easily the best role that Brad Pitt has played to date. A mix of apocalyptic destruction and scifi thriller 12 Monkeys is the definition of great filmmaking. A Must see for fans of end of days movie making!

Having read my Top 5 Outbreak Horror Films my question to you is what are yours? Leave your comments and share your Top 5 so I can go and rent them myself if i have not seen them yet!

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