Utah Horror Film Festival Fundraising Campaign


For those who want to help make sure there is a horror film festival in Utah in November there are two immediate opportunities to help. The Bloody 72 filmmaking contest has picked its first date. April 1-4 will be the first Bloody 72 designed to help raise funds to help support the Salty Horror Film Festival. Filmmakers can now sign up and pay the entry fee for the Bloody 72.

Multiple groups of at least 5 on the team will attempt to make a horror short no longer than 10 minutes in just three days. The two main categories that will be judged is best horror short and best sci-fi horror short. These are the only two genres for this contest but there are rules. At 5 pm on April 1 at the Downtown City Library the Bloody 72 groups will be told the rules. One of the rules that will be shared is ALL of the Bloody 72 projects need to use a very specific location, one specific character name and one prop that needs to be put in or the short will be disqualified. Shortly there after, the groups will have 72 hours to make their movie.

The winners of this competition will automatically be accepted into the Salty Horror Film Festival. After the Bloody 72, an option will be given to the winning shorts to improve their project before submission but one of the prizes is a waiving of the submission fee. All films made during the Bloody 72 will be invited to submit to the Salty Horror Film Festival for the early deadline of July 1 for only a $25 submission fee. Go to www.saltyhorrorfilmfestival.com, go to the Bloody 72 page to download the submission form and enter the Bloody 72.

The second opportunity is for anyone to go to www.indiegogo.com, search Salty Horror Film Festival and donate. Depending on the amount donated there are items you will receive at the festival for donating. Indie Go Go.com has been vital in aiding independent filmmakers raise money to shoot and finish their films but Salty Horror will be hoping for similar success in raising funds to help run the festival.

The Salty Horror Film Festival is slated to run Nov. 1-4, 2010 at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City, UT.

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