Exclusive: Zombie Planet 2 Movie!

All you Zombie Movie fans may rejoice, the sequel to Zombie Planet is in the works. Zombie Planet 2 carries on where the original left off. The world is still ravaged by the Zombie Plague and the Upper Class is still preying on the innocent Dreg population. Kane has a premonition that the answer to his past lies in the wastelands of Rortek Industries. He begins a journey to find Rortek and maybe to find his, and the worlds, fate.
Adam is back and is now more determined than ever that only one of them can survive to rule the city. The trap will be set. A fight to the death will be the result. One man, Kane, against the entire army of Adam and the Upper Class.
ZOMBIE PLANET II introduces a new set of foes. You will meet Chaney, Adam's deadliest killer. He is a maniac who wears the skins of his victims.  Along with Trixie and Mix they form the most deadly trio of killers in the world. Their only have one job and that job is to KILL KANE. If Kane can possibly survive them, he still must face Stiletto, Jamaica, Ralph, Lugos and the Bad Girls as well as an army of psyhopaths! ZOMBIE PLANET II also tells the story of the triumphs, and fates,  of all of the characters from the first movie. Warren, Mary, frank, Tom, they are all here. All questions are answered in this new and exciting chapter of the ZOMBIE PLANET saga.
MORE ACTION! MORE BLOOD! MORE GUTS! MORE ZOMBIES! MORE OF EVERYTHING that will keep you guessing until the last frame! The world truely hangs in the balance as Kane faces his final showdown with Adam and the Upper Class.
Who will survive the bloodbath? You must see ZOMBIE PLANET II!
Zombie Planet is a movie you either love, or you dont, but needless to say the announcement of Zombie Planet 2 will have diehard zombie movie fans screaming with glee. Look for more on this movie soon!
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