Predators Concept Art Revealed

This week we have gotten a flurry of updates on Nimrod Antal's Predators. Producer Robert Rodriguez and director Antal were on hand at the SXSW film festival and gave a couple lucky fans the chance to watch some preview footage. They also were lucky enough to see some new concept art.

Thanks to Wired we were able to get a look at some of that concept art. We also were able to learn a little of what was said about the new Predators:

The Predators in the upcoming film, due in July, are part of a new tribe we haven’t met yet, the duo said during the packed screening. As in the original film, every Predator is a trophy hunter and an expert in stalking and killing its prey, but each monster has its own specialized skill. There’s a falconer Predator who has a little UAV that serves as its eyes in the sky, a dog handler Predator (we got to see production art of its dog, sort of a dinosaur-wolf hybrid) and a “Super Predator” the production team refers to as “Mr. Black.”

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