Watch Jessicka Rabid Online Now


It has recently come to my attention that more and more we are seeing indie films being given away online. In my opinion this is a very scary trend that points to the fact that getting distribution is getting even harder and harder to get. What is happening is studios are beginning to fund their own small budget films which leaves the indie directors out of luck.

Today Elske McCain has been forced to post her pet project Jessicka Rabid online for free. Some shady dealings with the director and feeling the pressure from fans to be able to see the film have relsulted in the film being posted online for all to see. You can check it out here and might I suggest that after you watch the film to donate some money so that the investors and people involved can finally get some form of compensation for their hardwork. To do that simply scroll down after you watch and click on the paypal link. In case you haven't been following our coverage of the movie check out the synopsis below:

A dysfunctional family, the Hoffmans, have been living their lives in a veil of secrecy. Incest, rape are a part of their everyday lives. A product of which, is Jessicka (Elske). After years of nameless abuse of her family and neighbors, Jessicka has been reduced to something less than human. She's more of a family pet than she is a true member of the family. Jessicka is the tragic character brought up from her surroundings, and suddenly finds her opportunity for revenge.

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