Fresh Meat: Jessica Dercks


It has been far to long since we had a new Fresh Meat Vixen. Finally after weeks of silence on the sexy new horror vixen front we have a new Fresh Meat Horror Vixen and her name is Jessica Dercks from Bloodsucka Jones!  

Jessica Dercks plays the role of Christine the sweet vampire girl next door Los Angeles based actress with a large theater background . We were looking for the brown hair brown eye girl next door and Jessica was the first female to audition and the second she walked out of the room everyone said "That's her. She is the one". Learn more about Bloodsucka Jones and Jessica Dercks here 

Do you have a suggestion for a Fresh Meat Vixen? A Fresh Meat Vixen is a newish and talented face in the horror genre that we feature on a weekly basis to promote her and her newest film. Shoot us an email at

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