Time to Eat - Trailer for Long Pigs


Long Pig is the culinary term for the human corpse.. that's nice to know, since I originally thought this film was about a jacked up, mutated, killer pig or a Ron Jeremy horror/porn flick.

In "Long Pig" - Anthony McAlistar is a jovial fellow who just happens to give Hannibal Lecter a run for his money in the cannibal serial-killer territory. Introduced preparing his own unsavory type of meal, Anthony regales the camera with philosophical anecdotes, aware that, as the subject of a documentary being shot by a pair of young filmmakers, he’s the star of the program.

The satire grows more pungent as the story progresses and the line between comedy and horror becomes thinner, calling into question not just Anthony’s horrific actions but the role the camera plays in them. When does the media’s fascination with watching become dangerous? And, when it comes to human lives, where is the line drawn between documentary and subject? 

After watching the trailer, this film reminds me of "Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon" (which is an excellent film)... I hope this is too.

via: Vimeo.

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