Deadlands 2 HD DVD Available in August


WNWR Films announced today that the long overdue HD DVD project for Gary Ugarek's Deadlands 2: Trapped has finally picked up steam once again.

Originally canceled in February 2010 due to lack of proper manufacturing facilities, Deadlands 2: Trapped distributor Anthem Pictures took on a new approach... Offering the film and the contents via HD-DVD R. 100% made in house at Anthem the HD DVD project will have everything promised back when it was first launched in August 2009.

"We launched this project in late summer 2009 with hopes of a release in October of 2009, but we hit roadblock after roadblock. When it was time to call it off I suggested to Anthem that they burn off the HD DVD R's in house to at least get a few versions to market. What turned out to be maybe a few HD DVD R's is now numbering in the 100's. Many customers who received refunds when the project ended are now jumping up to snag one of the limited edition HD DVD R discs. This has flooded Anthem to the point they had to invest in more HD DVD Burners to complete the orders." Gary Ugarek

In the end the total number of HD DVD's for Deadlands 2 is unknown, what is known is that those who have been waiting patiently for the last 6 months will now finally receive something for their wait.

The DEADLANDS 2: TRAPPED HD DVD comes with a nice amount of features not available on the DVD or forth coming Blu-Ray

Special features include:

  • Extended Version of the film - Conatins additional footage not on the DVD release
  • Work Print Version* (HD DVD Exclusive)
  • 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio for each version

HD DVD Exclusive Features:

  • No Money and a Camera (a 2 part documentary about making low budget horror films, from the directors of Deadlands 2, Ninjas Vs. Zombies and Women's Studies)
  • A Discussion about Zombie Films - a 20 minute excerpt from Charles House III's documentary about the Living Dead
  • Audio Commentary tracks for both versions of the film, brand new Commentaries recorded especially for the HD DVD.
  • Fan Audio Commentary track for Work Print Versions of the film.
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