Trailer for UK Horror Film - Splintered


"Splintered" is a new UK horror movie for the TWIGHLIGHT generation.
(trust me readers, I didnt come up with that line) and the film is set to hit the UK cinemas in July and the onto DVD in September 2010.

Synopsis: Prowling in the darkest corner of a desolate, abandoned building on the edge of a wilderness is a dangerous animal, one that lives by the rules of the wild, where survival is it’s only concern. This creature of the night uses cunning and instinct to hunt and kill for pleasure. It has no qualms about its actions; it lives by its carnal desires alone.

Sophie, a teenager with a troubled past, puts herself and her friends at the mercy of this beast, when her curious obsession with the unexplained leads them deep into the Welsh countryside. When her friend is violently attacked Sophie soon discovers what it's like to become the object of this animal's obsessive desire. She is locked in an isolated empty room, where no one can hear her screams.  

via Vimeo.

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