The Legend of Zorro Movie coming 2005

The Legend of Zorro is coming in 2005. This is the sequel to the original Zoro movie starring Antonio Banderas. The movie stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonia Banderas. The movie is still very much up in the open as to what it is going to be all about, but it does have a pretty good cast overall.

Antonio Banderas - Alejandro/Zorro
Catherine Zeta-Jones -  Elena de La Vega
Adrian Alonso - Joaquin
Pedro Armendáriz Jr. - Governor Don Pedro
Nick Chinlund - McGivens
Rufus Sewell - Armand
Valarie Trapp  
Giovanna Zacarías - Blanca Cortez

You can watch some of the first behind the scenes footage right ahead.

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