Dante Tomaselli Begins Filming On Torture Chamber


For quite some time we have been following a couple of Dante Tomaselli's films. With his fourth feature film looming a big question was what film would come next? The Ocean or Torture Chamber? Well today we have recieved word that he is set to begin filming later this month in New Jersey and New York on Torture Chamber.

In Torture Chamber a demonically possessed 13-year-old boy escapes from an asylum and discovers an old abandoned castle with a secret passageway to a cobwebbed torture chamber. The film stars Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Ed Neal (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Lynn Lowry (The Crazies), Marilyn Burns (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Christie Sanford (Desecration).

Director Tomaselli tells us, "In terms of outright fear, I want to push the envelope right off the table. Religious fanaticism... eternal damnation. This is a film about peeling back layers of pain and guilt buried in the unconscious mind. At the core, there's a family in deep psychic pain. It's the first serious independent horror film in a long time that's in the vein of The Exorcist. Torture Chamber aims to be one of the scariest horror movies of recent years."

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