Splice Director Taking On Swamp Thing?


Vincenzo Natali's Splice recently was sold to Joel Silver's Dark Castle and they will be releasing the film sometime this summer. Since Universal has the rights to make Swamp Thing the project has managed to peak the interest of the filmmaker. Silver has went on the record saying he would love to make the film in 3D.

"There are two incarnations of Swamp Thing — both of them are quite wonderful," Natali told MTV. "The first one was by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, which was a more traditional sort of retake on classic, James Whale-style, Universal Studio horror films. Then Alan Moore reinvented the character in the early '80s, and that's actually the version that's a little more interesting to me."

I think with someone like Natali on board this could actually qualify as a horror movie. The original Swamp Thing movie was a bit comical in my opinion. A new take on the character I think is much needed especially if he is going to use Alan Moore's.

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