Indie Horror - The Woodwatchers Theatrical Trailer


Here the the theatrical trailer for Ricardo Gonzalez first horror film, which is said to go viral in a few weeks.  From the preview, my initial thought was that "it's not that bad, and has a TCM vibe to it.. plus a chick wielding a chainsaw is HOT!  I would definately love to see more of what "The Woodwatchers" has to offer.

Synopsis:  Vanessa is celebrating on last night out before she starts a new chapter in her life as a newlywed bride. All she wants is one last night of fun with her two best girlfriends. But what she doesn't know is that the woods are hungry for blood, and in the forest there lies an evil force waiting to change her life, and the life of her friends, forever...  

via Vimeo.

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