Jaws to Get CG and 3D Treatment?


One of the most highly touted films of all time is arguably Jaws. Often listed as the scariest film of all time. Today however the film may be getting the George Lucas treatment. The LA Times recently did a spotlight on producer Richard Zanuck's life in which he mentioned some changes that he is thinking about doing to the original film.

Zanuck and Spielberg spoke a few years ago about going back to the original film with the digital paintbrush of CG effects to create a more horrific predator. They decided, for the time being, to leave the film alone, although Zanuck says he is intrigued by the notion of adding 3D effects to the 1976 classic for a theatrical re-release.

The phrase "for the time being" does not sit well with me and I'm sure it won't with hardcore fans of the film. Even though I do not love the film it bothers me that they even feel the need to go back to something that people already absolutely love. Why fix what isn't broke?

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