Thriller Locked in a Room Wraps


The Detroit based thriller "Locked in a Room" filmed its final scenes with visiting actors Carlucci Weyant (Karma, Crime Passion, Reincarnation), Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly (The Preacher’s Kid) and Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco) working alongside Michigan actors Dean Teaster (Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town) and DJ Perry (An Ordinary Killer). The dark thriller sports a motley cast of characters each with their own agenda. Revenge lies at the heart of this movie that was directed by Larry Simmons and produced by At Risk Entertainment and Collective Development Inc.   

The producers are planning a Los Angeles screening in a few short months for distributors who are already buzzing. This is the first of several planned features between the two Michigan based production companies. "The collaboration between CDI and At Risk Entertainment is such a great feeling I couldn't imagine doing anything else with anyone else." - Executive Producer Gordon Djordjevski  

Director Larry Simmons was an HBO Project Greenlight TOP 250 and had this to say about his work, "I’m intrigued and influenced by the work of Martin Scorsese, one filmmakers who helped truly define the craft." WorldWide Film Entertainment is signed to rep the film on the world stage starting at the Cannes Film Market 2010. 

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