Dog Soldiers 2 Poster and Plot

With daybreak comes the next horrifying chapter in the DOG SOLDIERS saga.

In the misty morning, following his night of werewolf horror in the original DOG SOLDIERS, Pvt. Lawrence Cooper surveys the rubble of the Scottish farmhouse, battered and bruised from the battle. He has lost everything he knew to the werewolf family; his fellow soldiers, his father figure sergeant, his faith in women and his disbelief in the supernatural. Cooper and the only other survivor, Sam the dog, begin their long trek toward civilization, satisfied that the werewolf family was killed in the farmhouse explosion.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, the U.S. Special Forces team that was originally sent to participate in a series of war games with Cooper's team waits impatiently. Col. Benjamin Parker sends two of his men off to see if there is any sign of the British team. They return with Cooper, who tells them an unbelievable tale about the night he and his platoon were besieged by a family of werewolves.

Just as Parker is about to write off Cooper as a mass murderer, a second wounded British soldier is brought into the U.S. camp. He introduces himself as British Special OPS Pvt. Kevin Erickson, lone survivor of the werewolf attack on Sgt. Ryan�s platoon in the original film. Erickson reports the werewolf attack on his platoon to the soldiers. He escaped with a few other soldiers to a cave near a stream. During the night, Erickson watched as one by one his platoon died, only to be resurrected, transformed into werewolves: Dog Soldiers!

Parker has had enough of the werewolf tales, puts both men under arrest and banishes them to a secured tent until they can all be picked up by a rendezvous ship in the morning. When Cooper reveals his photographic evidence from the farmhouse, Parker sends out three of his men to the shattered farmhouse to corroborate Cooper�s story. The U.S. soldiers arrive at the farmhouse�just at moonrise. They are greeted by a bone-chilling howl that shatters the still of the night.

What follows is a night of ultimate horror as the U.S. forces, armed to the teeth with modern warfare technology, are about to take on their greatest foe, savage supernatural beasts who think and act like soldiers. The battle for humanity will be fought on this night, Man vs. Beast, Soldier vs. Dog Soldier!

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